Yet Another Misrepresentation of Religion

Another religion that is highly misrepresented by the media is Christianity. This link includes many examples of how Christianity is misrepresented in mainstream media.

The first main point is that in television shows and movies, the different denominations are often grouped into one single “Christianity.” The article gives a few examples but the one I found most interesting is how American television often depicts churches as Catholic. During the colonization of America, many people were Protestants, not Catholics. Even today, Catholicism only has a 1 to 2 ratio compared to Protestants in America. So why is it that Catholicism is the main way Christianity is depicted in media? At any rate, this is just one way Christianity is poorly represented by the media. The author goes on to give many other examples of how Christianity is not represented well.

Dana D. Jones, in an article for a periodical, says why she thinks the media is “anti-Christian.” She admits that a lot of Christian ideologies go against liberal thinking, but says that’s not the reason for poor treatment from the media. She says, “They [the media] despise us more because we are attacking their industry. Their desire for wealth, their innate greed for money at any cost, has led them to push their agenda against the basic principles of morality. These people are not necessarily evil, but have been convinced that what they are doing is acceptable.” She explains that the difference of opinions has created a tension between Christians and media and because of this tension, Christianity is not accurately represented by the media.

To me, the first examples sound less of a conspiracy theory whereas Jones comes across as a little far-fetched. But she does this to try and explain why Christianity is misrepresented like the first examples clearly show.

The misrepresentation of religion through the media is incredible. There are numerous examples of misrepresentation for each religion. Stereotypes control what the public thinks of groups and that is no exception for religious groups.

References for resources used will be under a post titled “References”

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